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Air Target
Air target Air Target
Fight to survive!
Using the plane effectively reach the target. Your enemies will try to prevent you from doing this. Avoid crashing into the enemies and the hills. Use your rockets to destroy your the enemies. More

Pinball Smiley Pinball Smiley
PinballSmiley brings Pinball entertainment to your mobile. You will have fun while trying to accomplish the goal, saving our kidnapped heros. In order to save them, you must go through tunnels and paths, and light the lamps so you can get closer to them step by step. More

HeadguN HeadguN
The Mafia is on stage back, nay, with a worlwide threat!...
The control of the world is nearly taken hold by the Mafia.
Before the Mafia will take the whole control, they must be stopped.
Only one super hero can accomplish this mission: HeadguN. More

Smileville SmileVille
SmileVille makes you live an enjoyable adventure with your mobile phone. Your goal is to beat the creatures which invaded the SmileVille village. There are many different excitements waiting for you in the game. More

Try & Buy - 15/11/2007
The Great War Of TROY, is released with the Try & Buy method. The game consists of 12 levels. The first 4 levels can be played freely in the DEMO version.

Game Developers - 29/10/2007
AKIZA is looking for game developers.
Features prefered: Being experienced in J2ME, enjoying playing games and challenging. Please apply with your CV via e-mail: jobs@akiza.com

Junior Game Artist - 02/10/2007
AKIZA is looking for junior Game graphics artists.Features prefered: Being experienced in Pixel art design, enjoying playing games, being experienced in concept designing. 3D designing is a plus for us.Please apply with your CV via e-mail: jobs@akiza.com

Smiley Games - 12/08/2007
AKIZA inserts Smileys, which everybody knows and takes a liking, into games. Gamers smile when they see the Smileys in the games SmileVille and PinballSmiley.

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